The purpose of this web-page is for the continued development of the program suite, SASSIE, which is used to create atomistic models of molecular systems and also to compare scattering data from these models directly to experimental data.

So, what does it do?  The core ability of SASSIE is to generate and manipulate large numbers of structures and to calculate the SANS, SAXS, and neutron reflectivity profiles from atomistic structures. 

SASSIE has been developed to solve our research problems which has sent it down a certain developmental path.  We are interested in expanding the SASSIE framework to handle heterogeneous problems.

SASSIE is modular and our goal is to learn what you want to include as extensions to the basic software framework.  Hopefully, this is an incentive for you to use the software.  Don’t hold back; let us help you with your research applications of SASSIE.


Joseph E. Curtis and Susan Krueger

NIST Center for Neutron Research