Documentation & Tutorials



Documentation for SASSIE can be found at the following link:

Links to our training workshops with lessons and examples can be found at the following link:

  1. 1. A step by step description on using our contrast calculator module.


2.  Please visit the following web-page which as some lectures on molecular dynamics, molecular Monte Carlo, and SASSIE methods (including worked example problems).  For now, this is perhaps the best way to get started using the simulation and analysis portions of our software.


Specifically, see the lectures and lab examples that were covered on “Wednesday”.

3. ACNS 2012: Here is the tutorial exercise and answers presented by Hailiang Zhang and Nicholas Clark at the 2012 American Conference of Neutron Scattering.


4.  ACNS 2014: CCP-SAS, Alpha SASSIE-web release getting started PDF and video.

sassie-web getting started.pdf

Here is a PDF of the lab assignment.


And some slides that were shown during the lab presentations.


Here is a compressed file containing the starting structures for the lab exercises.


and zip version of the same file: