canSAS1d/1.0 XML formatter

Sample ID
thickness (mm)
other sample details
SAS instrument name
"neutron" or "xray" (no quotes)
Wavelength (A)
Detector name
sample-detector distance (m)
SAS data (3 columns: Q I Idev)
Styled Raw XML


This WWW form provides a means to convert one dimensional small-angle scattering data into the XML format described by the cansas1d/1.0 standard. The WWW form returns the data in the XML format.


The SASdata, delimited by white-space and/or commas, will be parsed in triples of Q I Idev. It is possible to copy/paste from a 3-column text file directly into the SASdata entry box.


Output from the form can be either be formatted for nice display using the standard canSAS style sheet ("Styled" radiobutton) or as "Raw XML." However, to see the raw XML output from Styled output, use the "View Source" capability of your browser.

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